Drone (UAS) Tech

Weighing Uses, Technology, and Concerns

┬┐Why are drones important?

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are a global phenomenon in recreation, education, commercialization, and even research. They have created enormous potential in the fields of research, education, and photography. However, a major ethical controversy has accompanied their rise in popularity.

We are dedicated to informing the public about the implications and controversies of this rapidly expanding technology.


Interactive Drone Flight

Pilot your very own virtual drone on a journey to look inside UAS technology. This feature is designed specifically for younger audiences who can learn about drones in a more engaging manner.

Let's Fly!

"The total amount spent worldwide on research, development, testing and evaluation of drone technology will reach $91 billion" - Teal Group Analysts

What Are Drones?

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are known in the most colloquial terms as drones. Any electronic device that flies without a human occupent via remote control or autonomously. Typically, drones contain sensors such as cameras and infrared detection that enable the device to perform higher level functionality.

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Why the Controversy?

Drones pose several risks regarding safety and privacy. Intrusive surveilance, an existing hot topic in politics in now magnified with the capacity of drones in reconnaissance. With an expanding market, more and more drones now flock the skies.

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